Showcase was appointed to work alongside MCM and Savills in providing full furniture consultancy and procurement for Greenhill’s new Mayfair workplace.


Showcase worked alongside the existing project team to provide a full service across the following phases:

  • Briefing/Selection
  • Procurement (3-stage)
  • Delivery & Installation
  • Post-Project Activities

Success Points

Greenhill wanted to create an environment that supported their culture and ethos in a place that would promote collaboration and teamwork whilst providing the necessary privacy for meetings and video calls.

Alongside MCM, Showcase was able to create a space that provided a diverse range of different furniture settings, providing Greenhill employees with spaces to connect, from informal chats to formal meetings.

By using a forward-thinking sit/stand desk configuration and screening system, an open-plan working area was created that provided all users privacy when on video calls, without compromising the natural brightness and openness of the area.