We were contracted to work on a Global Banks Wealth and Finance offices in the Zig Zag building which covered main office desking, break out spaces and meeting rooms.

We worked closely with the client team and their chosen Architects HLW to facilitate their vision for their new office space at the Zig Zag Building. Their main challenge was to allow their vision of the final interior design to work with the restrictions of ensuring AV/IT integration within the dining/ meeting room furniture.

The client had strict requirements that their meeting room furniture must be able to be demountable/folding in order for the room layout to be changed on demand.

The furniture however still needed to be capable of holding the integrated AV solution without this being compromised when the furniture was disassembled. Added to this the interior design vision was to feature marble tops on the meeting tables. It was down to our in-house team to interpret the interior design brief from the client and manage the design and manufacture of the bespoke furniture products to ensure it complied with all of their requirements and design vision.

We refined their brief to make the product work without comprising the interior design look and feel.

In addition to the client dining/meeting areas we worked closely with the project team to select and procure all other areas that required loose furniture.

We assisted in selecting finishes and advising on supplier performance to ensure the design concept was not compromised and still come in under budget.

The net result for the client was an improved workstation with full electrically operated sit / stand and a new set of standards for meeting tables, our design changes saved 15% from the global standard pricing at that time.

Products conformed to LEED Ratings