A consistently high standard of car marketing has turned Audi into an iconic, best-selling brand in the UK. Showcase were appointed to work on this project alongside Bath based architect SDA. The Marshall’s owned site was transformed using the latest brand standards.


Showcase were asked to participate in the implementation of the latest Audi corporate identity in the heart of Berkshire. Winning a competitive tender was the first part of the project working with SDA providing the design and build schedule.

Services provided

Furniture audit and reuse strategy, furniture specification and selection, procurement process and new furniture installation.

Success points

Audi has developed an architecture of customer communications with a focus of fostering much tighter relationships with the brand : Showcase worked very closely with the design and client team to create an exceptional space for an enhanced customer experience. A challenging site in terms of access was overcome with detailed planning by the showcase delivery team.

Value added

The install had to take place during Covid-19 lockdown, Showcase coordinated all parties to ensure regulations were met and the project was delivered safely and on time.