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ISO 14001

Environmental Management System

It is our policy to select those suppliers who display the strongest possible credentials with regards to environmental awareness and sustainability. Where possible, all products specified will be obtained from suppliers who have ISO14001 accreditation.

Environmental and sustainability issues will be integrated into every proposal, balanced against budgetary requirements and suitability of use. Those products with the highest possible environmental standards will always be used, budget and purpose allowing.

Part of our core ISO objectives is monitoring and reporting on our suppliers Quality and Environmental credentials, including ensuring that all suppliers source timber materials with FSC or equivalent certifications.

Due to the nature of the core business, the environmental impact of the Company is limited. The following are considered to be the most significant areas and are listed below:

  1. The use of environmentally friendly production methods and materials;
  2. Reduction in consumption of energy;
  3. Recycling of consumables including paper, printer/copier toner cartridges, disposable cups, glass etc;
  4. Reduction of other resources used i.e. water, gas etc;
  5. Reduction in consumption of consumables i.e. paper, batteries, cartridges etc;
  6. Employment of environmentally compliant suppliers;
  7. The ability of our product components to be recycled at the end of their useful life.

ISO 9001

Quality Management System

The Directors and management of Showcase are committed to operating every aspect of the business to a standard that offers our clients the highest possible quality of service. This is supported by a progressive management style that encourages a culture of quality.

We are committed to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

This Quality Management System includes protocols on design and development, purchasing, approved supplier/sub-contractor evaluation, continual improvement and customer feedback.

The key aspects of our quality management system procedures include:

  • Each project has a designated Commercial Manager responsible for the delivery of the project.
  • The administration and management of the project is based within our ‘Project Process Model’ – a process framework that has been developed with proven protocols which is tailored to suit the individual client’s requirements. This will be communicated to all members of the team to ensure consistency of delivery throughout the project.
  • All personnel within the company are required to carry out their work in compliance with the management instructions contained in our Project Process Model.

ISO 45001

H&S Management System

The Showcase H&S Management System is based on internationally agreed principles and certified to ISO 45001. It has been developed to provide the necessary strength, flexibility and appropriate foundation for a sustainable health and safety culture throughout the Company. We are accountable for and, have a duty to, organise, arrange and ensure that health and safety obligations are satisfied. Our certification in ISO 45001 demonstrates our ability to do this.

The key objectives of our H&S Management system are:

  • To maintain workplace accidents and/or near misses at 0.
  • To maintain accidents in company vehicles at 0.

A host of processes, procedures and actions have been put in place and have become part of our daily working practice to ensure that the company can achieve these objectives.

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