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Environmental, Social and Governance

ESG means more to us than simply ‘doing the right thing’, we are passionate about making things better, for our colleagues, clients, industry and our community.

reduction in waste-related carbon emissions since baseline year
reduction in diesel fleet vehicle-related carbon emissions
reduction in water usage
reduction in building/facility-related carbon emissions
Scope 3 Emissions

Increasing Industry Sustainability Standards

We acknowledge that, as a furniture consultancy, we do not have direct influence over products and manufacturing methods. Due to this, we have started to think a little differently as to how we can make a significant positive impact with regards to sustainability. We believe that we are in a unique position in that we have a huge supply chain (550+ suppliers!), all of whom want to provide our clients with their products and all of whom contribute to a huge 94.5% of our total emissions. We will use this position to influence positive change by…

  • Introducing a mandatory pre-qualifying supplier questionnaire, including extensive sustainability requirements
  • Auditing our key suppliers
  • Collaboratively working with suppliers in the form of case studies
  • Providing opportunities to smaller suppliers to present us with innovative products and ways of working
  • Introducing a voluntary ‘Green League’, whereby suppliers compete against each other

Strategising Offsetting

We currently achieve Carbon Neutrality by offsetting our carbon impact, but we appreciate that it is not a ‘true’ method of reducing our environmental impact to negligibility. Whilst we continue our journey to Net Zero – offsetting on the way – we will instill sustainable values into every aspect of our business; from design through to procurement. To ensure that our offsetting activity does not take an uninformed, ‘scattergun approach’, we will…

  • Tailor offsetting to ensure that it reflects our business values and project activity
  • Use a portion of our carbon credits to contribute towards carbon removal schemes, rather than carbon avoidance schemes alone
  • Diversify our impact by achieving as many UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as possible via offsetting
  • Educate our people with regards to carbon avoidance in our works so that offsetting is not seen to be a ‘way out’


We understand that the journey to Net Zero is not linear and we do not expect to make wholesale reductions year-on-year. By measuring and reporting transparently, we will make ourselves accountable for improvement as a group and allow others to emulate our success (and avoid repeating any unsuccessful trials!)
To ensure that our reporting is accurate, transparent, efficient and relevant we will…

  • Report on Scope 1, 2 & 3 carbon emissions
  • Make our sustainability performance report available publicly
  • Proactively target ‘carbon hotspots’ in the business and sharpen our focus on these to drive them down
  • Commit to Science-Based Targets with the SBTi

Certifications, Accreditations and Partnerships

Certification is a great way of ensuring that a business continues to uphold high standards with regards aspects of environmental sustainability at a glance, but we need ours to provide us with value.

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) discusses the possibility of partnerships, accreditations and certification but, if we do not feel that it brings value to the business with regards to our environmental impact, we will not pursue it. Instead, we concert our efforts and resources on…

  • Continually auditing our systems and approaches to work internally
  • Researching further accreditations that may improve standards of particular areas of sustainability
  • Scrutinising current accreditations before committing to recertification

Social Value

We believe that ‘sustainability’ encapsulates not only the circularity and long-term health of our environment, but also the continued thriving of our communities and the people within them. We partner with a number of charities and not-for-profit organisations to maximise the positive impact that we have on the communities that we work in.

  • We will continue to measure and report transparently our Social Value impact using the TOMs Framework for Social Value Reporting
  • We will continue to diversify our social impact to align with, and contribute to, as many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as possible


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